March 2013 Four By Four

This month I visited four different locations and I’m highlighting four birds from each place.  The first was right here at home when I visited the Jacksonville Beach Pier.  It was Gannets galore… Continue reading

February 2013 Life Bird

I did get one new Florida “life bird” this month though I tried and hoped for more.  Thanks to reports from other birders I was able to easily locate a Cassin’s Kingbird south… Continue reading

January 2013 Ducks & More

While visiting the Orlando area this month, I had an opportunity to go to Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge once again to look for some “new” birds.  Of course this time of year… Continue reading

December 2012 Ten Best

It was a good month for birds of all kinds, but I’m limiting this post to what I think were the “ten best”.  Of course, I’ll have to start by making it a… Continue reading

November 2012 Number 225

I said when I started this blog that my goal is to find and photograph Florida’s 500 plus birds. In three years of birding I have finally reached bird “number 225”.  At this… Continue reading

November 2012 L.B.J.

LBJ or “Little Brown Job”, is an informal name used by birders for species of small brown birds (sparrows, wrens, and warblers), many of which are difficult to readily identify in the field. … Continue reading

October 2012 Downstate

I had a another chance to visit the Orlando area to look for some new “life list” birds that had been reported recently.  No luck again, but I did get to visit a… Continue reading

October 2012 Locals

I haven’t seen much migratory activity so far this Fall, but there were a few newcomers and a number of regulars at local spots here and there.  I’ll start with Guana Reserve and… Continue reading

September 2012 Home & Away

I’ll start with” AWAY” when I visited Merritt Island National Wildlife Reserve (Titusville, Florida) in search of two new birds, a Wilson’s Phalarope and the Baird’s Sandpiper.  But it was “no luck” this… Continue reading

September 2012 Odds & Ends

With the August 2012 post I was finally up to date and ready to take a breather.  But when I looked through my picture files again I realized I had missed several good… Continue reading