December 2013 Four New

NEW December went out with a bang with four new “life birds”!  The most spectacular was a Snowy owl which was first sighted in Duval county (Jacksonville) December 28.  I believe the last… Continue reading

November 2013 Potpourri

I saw a variety of birds this month at several northeast Florida locations.  Wintering SPARROWS kept arriving, and I got my first “good” look at White-crowned adults and juveniles. Also, returning Song and… Continue reading

October 2013 Goodbye-Hello

GOODBYE! October saw most of the migratory birds come, and along with some summer visitors, go.  A few of the birds that I got to see passing through Florida this time of year… Continue reading

September 2013 Yard Birds

Visitors With only a handful of migrant birds starting to slowly make their appearance, I decided to spend some time this month looking for “backyard” birds.  The highlight was finding a “new bird”… Continue reading

August 2013 Number 250

Finally, after more than three and a half years of birding, I’ve almost reached the halfway point in finding and photographing Florida’s 500 plus birds.  Fortunately, with 25 new birds since December, I’m… Continue reading

July 2013 H & H Plus

July is usually a slow month for birding so I spent most of my time at Hanna & Huguenot Parks in Jacksonville (Duval County).  You can always count on shorebirds at Huguenot with… Continue reading

June 2013 Youngsters Plus

Breeding activity, which for many birds began in the spring, provided opportunities for me to see several youngsters–chicks and juvenile birds–at a number of parks and preserves.  For starters, Huguenot Park here in… Continue reading

May 2013 Two New

This month I saw two new Florida “life birds”.  The first was a Cape May warbler, a bird I had been looking for since I started birding over three years ago.  Ironically, it… Continue reading

April 2013 Duval

I visited my usual haunts in Duval County (Jacksonville)  this month and saw a good number of birds.  The place with the most activity was Hanna Park where I saw a Bobolink, another… Continue reading

April 2013 St Johns

I visited a few of my favorite places in St Johns County (just south of Jacksonville) and saw several interesting birds.  At the Agricultural Center in St Augustine I got a good look… Continue reading