Phil Graham is a retired school administrator, living with his wife Kathy in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.

Phil Graham
(Photo Courtesy of Adam Graham)

They moved to the Beaches from Chicago in 1984, but it was almost 25 years later before Phil began to notice the real beauty of Florida by visiting its parks, preserves, and wildlife sanctuaries. Florida’s wild birds were the immediate attraction, and birding (actually, photo-birding) became his passion. His “life-list” goal is to photograph as many of Florida’s wild birds (over 500) as possible. As of April 2012 he has photographed over 200 “Florida birds” in the wild. This site and blog is a showcase for Florida’s beautiful wild birds, and Phil’s passion for birding and photography.

“Florida is a dreamland, a most beautiful subtropical paradise.  No other region in our great country can compare with it.  It is always alluring and full of enchantments in its natural state.  There is nothing like it.  Whenever you have gained a firm foothold its magic charm will not let you loose again.”

Henry Nehrling (Botanist)