September 2012 Odds & Ends

With the August 2012 post I was finally up to date and ready to take a breather.  But when I looked through my picture files again I realized I had missed several good shots.  So here is one more post to fill in the missing pieces.

HEAD SHOTS – There are few domestic Muscovy Ducks out there worth a second look, but this may be one of them.

Muscovy Duck

The Double-crested Cormorant doesn’t look a whole lot better, but it does sport a beautiful turquoise eye.

Double-crested Cormorant

ACTION PICTURES – A hawk downing a mole cricket, and a heron catching a fish.

Red-shouldered Hawk (Juvenile)

Great Blue Heron

NEW BIRDS – I missed a few new birds along the way, including this male frigatebird with its conspicuous red gular pouch.

Magnificent Frigatebird

Also new were the European Starling and first summer Common Tern.

European Starling

Common Tern

PORTRAITS – Sometimes birds perch themselves or stand in such a way that their picture looks like a portrait.  Or even appear to have been stuffed and sitting in a museum diorama, like this adult eagle.

Bald Eagle

Other “posers” include a grackle, ibis, heron, egrets, anhinga and a cuckoo.

Boat-tailed Grackle

White Ibis

Little Blue Heron

Reddish Egret

Great Egret


Yellow-billed Cuckoo

I was hoping for a group shot with these swallows but only one would cooperate.

Barn Swallow

BIRDS IN FLIGHT – Finally, a few shots of birds on the wing.  A heron taking off and an egret hugging the shore.

Tricolored Heron

Reddish Egret

Also, a vulture coming in for a landing, storm-petrel skimming the water, and a kingbird returning to the nest.

Black Vulture

Leach’s Storm-Petrel

Eastern Kingbird

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Thanks again,

Phil Graham–Photo Naturalist