October 2011 Howell Park

This park in Atlantic Beach, Florida was quite busy in October with the arrival of winter visitors, departing summer residents, migrants passing through, and a couple of regulars (year round birds) on hand.

 Winter Arrivals – This was the largest group I saw, which included the Palm Warbler, Ovenbird, Gray Catbird, Baltimore Oriole, Yellow-bellied Sapsucker and Hermit Thrush.

Palm Warbler


Gray Catbird

Baltimore Oriole

Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker

Hermit Thrush

Summer Departures – Spring and summer residents, about to head further south for the winter, included the Hooded Warbler, Red-eyed Vireo and Summer Tanager.

Hooded Warbler

Red-Eyed Vireo

Summer Tanager (Male)

Summer Tanager (Female)

Migrants– Passing through, also on their way south for the winter were a Magnolia Warbler and Swainson’s Thrush.

Magnolia Warbler

Swainson’s Thrush

Regulars– Finally, in this whole mix of birds were the Yellow-throated Warbler and White-eyed Vireo, year round residents of Northeast Florida.

Yellow-Throated Warbler

White-Eyed Vireo

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Thanks again,

Phil Graham–Photo Naturalist

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