Sad News from the Family of Phil Graham

This is Adam Graham, Phil’s middle son. I remember years ago when I talked my dad through the process of setting up this birding blog. I was so proud to see his hobby… Continue reading

July 2015 Here and There

I spent most of my time birding close to home (Jacksonville) plus a couple of trips to Orlando.  But the one new bird I saw this month was over in the Gainesville area–my… Continue reading

JUNE 2015 Visitors

Of the more than 500 birds on the official Florida State List, less than 25 are summer visitors.  These are birds that come to north Florida for the summer to live and breed–the largest a kite and the… Continue reading

May 2015 A & J

Many birds are well into their breeding season by May making it a good time to compare juveniles and adults.  Some of the year-round birds that breed in Northeast Florida include blackbirds, bluebirds, shrikes,… Continue reading

April 2015 Swallows, etc.

  Swallows are difficult to photograph!   They are small, only 5 to 6 inches long. Their flight is rapid and erratic. And catching one perched is difficult, since when they do land they usually don’t sit… Continue reading

March 2015: 275 Plus

It’s taken a year and half to add 25 new Florida birds to my “life list”, but I finally did it this month with the elusive Pine Siskin. And with a bit of… Continue reading

February 2015 Three New

This month I was fortunate to find three new Florida “life birds”.  The first was a male Bullock’s oriole, which I saw over in Gainesville (Alachua county), thanks to reports by other birders .… Continue reading

January 2015 Home & Away

HOME– First the birds I saw this month in Jacksonville.  Red-shouldered hawks are common here year-round, but are always worth another look, especially up close. Around two dozen Ruddy ducks continue to winter… Continue reading

December 2014 Hodgepodge +

This month I saw an assortment of local birds, but the plus was a new “life bird”, the Greater White-fronted goose. It is distinguished from other geese by the white circle at the… Continue reading

November 2014 Ten-Four

I’m highlighting TEN different birds I saw in November and  FOUR I saw again from last month. TEN – The rarest bird I saw this month was a Snow Goose–both the White and… Continue reading