February 2015 Three New

This month I was fortunate to find three new Florida “life birds”.  The first was a male Bullock’s oriole, which I saw over in Gainesville (Alachua county), thanks to reports by other birders .… Continue reading

January 2015 Home & Away

HOME- First the birds I saw this month in Jacksonville.  Red-shouldered hawks are common here year-round, but are always worth another look, especially up close. Around two dozen Ruddy ducks continue to winter… Continue reading

December 2014 Hodgepodge +

This month I saw an assortment of local birds, but the plus was a new “life bird”, the Greater White-fronted goose. It is distinguished from other geese by the white circle at the… Continue reading

November 2014 Ten-Four

I’m highlighting TEN different birds I saw in November and  FOUR I saw again from last month. TEN – The rarest bird I saw this month was a Snow Goose–both the White and… Continue reading

October 2014 M&M and H&H

The old M&M Dairy, and Huguenot and Hanna parks were the locales for this months birds.  Most of these birds are commonly seen at these locations, but are always worth another look. M&M… Continue reading

September 2014 Pairs

Pairs refers to the birds I have seen and photographed together over last few years.  Some are obvious couples–males and females.  Others are more difficult to discern, as the sexes appear similar to… Continue reading

August 2014 New

It’s more of the same for August with a review of birds I saw for the first time this month in previous years. August 2013–A year ago I saw Florida life bird #250,… Continue reading

July 2014 M.O.T.S.

JULY–still hot and not very “birdy”!  So I’m reviewing birds I saw for the first time in July in previous years, like I did in June.  Last summer we had a small group… Continue reading

June 2014 Firsts

With the heat of summer upon us I decided to take it easy this month.  But previous June birding trips have been quite rewarding.  Here are some of the new “life birds” I’ve… Continue reading

May 2014 Black & White

There are a good number of Florida birds with black, white or black and white feathering.  Here are a couple dozen plus I’ve seen, including several this month. LARGE – Of course the… Continue reading